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Tech Talk: Fundamentals of Type-Dependent Code Reuse

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As I prepare my abstract for this year's NDC Oslo conference, I remembered that I never got around to posting the videos from my talks last year. I gave a talk based on the code reuse series featured on this blog that appeared to be very well received; I was even lucky enough to have a screenshot from the talk featured in Jens Weller's blog article on Meeting C++ (at the bottom). If you missed the original version, I also gave my "The Set of Natural Code" talk to this audience.

The "Fundamentals of Type-Dependent Code Reuse" talk starts with topics that will be familiar to you if you've been reading the blog, like optimizing your algorithms based on type information while hiding complexity from the user, but about half-way through, I switch to talking about how to enable opt-in features for your classes. The talk start off at a beginner level and ramps up to a short example with variadic template templates; I even spoke about some future C++17 and beyond code that uses the techniques the talk builds up to to allow you to add mixin classes to any type in C++, even ints.

Check it out!

Fundamentals of Type-Dependent Code Reuse in C++ - Mark Isaacson from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.


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